July 21, 2010

Mass Lock All Printers with SPAD

If you have lots of printers and need to lock them for maintenance, you can used this mass locked printers tips to locked or unlocked all the SAP printers at one go.

To mass Lock all the printer in SAP:

Go to transaction code SPAD

On top of the screen menu click Utilities -> For output devices -> Export devices

On the screen Import and Export of Device Descriptions:

Export/Import file name: c:\printer.txt

Frontend computer: Tick

Export: Tick

Export Export: Tick

Output device: Choose the Selection options Pattern and type a *

(* for all or a* for all printers starting with a)

Click the Execute button

Open the text file do a replace all of PADISABLED = "" to PADISABLED = "X"

Then import the same file.