August 21, 2014

Importing PSEs to ABAP systems

It usually happens that someone needs to import some certificates of a SAP in the STRUST store after a refresh.
Normally, this "someone" should take a PSE backup of the system certificates that should be imported after the refresh.
Unfortunately, importing these PSEs back is not always so obvious, and that's why I'm writing this article.

  1. Go to transaction STRUST and double click the application where the certificates will be imported, in our example it is SSF FI
  2. Go to the PSE drop-down menu and select import
  3. Select the PSE containing the certificates that you want to import and click open
  4. The certificate details will be displayed, but it is still not imported. In case that more details are required to confirm that this certificates are correct before proceeding with the import the certificates can be double clicked to display the details (Owner, issuer, serial number, etc.)
  5. If everything is confirmed to proceed with the import now go to the PSE drop-down menu again and select "Save as..."
  6. A pup-up window will be displayed, in this window the application where the certificates should be imported has to be selected, in our case "FI" SSF Application
  7. Once we click the confirmation button in the previous pop-up window, the certificates will be imported and distributed to the application servers.
  8. Before leaving the transaction remember to click the save button to store all the changes performed.