November 30, 2015

Problems with Java lincenses during system copy

When copying java SAP systems using the standard tools we had two issues with the old licenses stored on the system:

  1. Temp licence cannot be installed as the system was already provided with an installation number:

    • The solution was to remove old licenses using configtool:

      Once the licenses are deleted just repeat the step and it will install the temp license.
  2.  When the new system was installed we were not able to install the permanent license as the temp license was expired and as the system was really slow it was not possible install the license once it was started.
    • The solution was to install licenses using configtool. If you observe with attention the license string on the configtool it is composed but all the data provided by the license sent by the marketplace + 2 constances, and the data structure is length+data for every string.
      Lets start with a normal license key, this is a typical license sent by SAP (Data is scrambled just for privacy):

      Now, let's continue with the key, it is composed as follows:

      Now, with the value, different data but same structure than the key:

      Example excel file to generate the string: