November 30, 2015

SAPEVT fails after chaning rdisp/msserv_internal

After changing the value of parameter rdisp/msserv_internal transport where not working anymore.

First check at tp.log showed:

 WARNING: System CC1. Warning.        20150603190135 :
 ERROR:       The following call returned with exit code 5:
 ERROR:         sapevt SAP_TRIGGER_RDDIMPDP name=CC1 -t
 ERROR:       Background jobs cannot be started.
 ERROR:       Please check trace file dev_evt.
 WARNING:       (This warning is harmless if no further warnings follow.)

When working on the solution this can be tested using the same command mentioned on the log:
 sapevt SAP_TRIGGER_RDDIMPDP name=CC1 -t

 In our case the problem was that parameter rdisp/msserv_internal was set on the instance profile and the default profile, we updated the instance profile only and the sapevt executable read its value from the default profile, leading to an error because SAP starts the instance listening on the port that we configured on the instance profile, however, when sapevt is executed it targets a port that is not listening as the default and instance profiles where not coherent.

Once the default profile was adjusted we just tested the command again and it executed with no problems at all.

As a side comment, if the parameter is only configured on the default profile and not on the instance profile, and you update the parameter without restarting the system you will run out of transports as sapevt read the profile on each execution but the instance will start listening on that port only once it gets restarted.